by Anal Christ

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the sixteenth album by the masters of evil, Anal Christ. 8 tracks of a pure nightmarish vision from the depths of hell.


released May 21, 2015

track 7 originally by defence force
track title 2 by beaded infant asshole



all rights reserved


Anal Christ hell, Michigan

From The Depths Of Hell

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Track Name: Crapture: The Second Coming of Anal Christ
judgement day is here and i'm here to claim
the lives of people who aren't completely lame
people who don't care about society
why dont you come and join me?

hell is mostly a good time
there's a lot of nails and shit, but you'll be fine
liars, gays, murderers and serial rapists
for these are the people i enjoy getting wasted with

the second coming of anal christ
the crapture is here, let's all rejoyce
Track Name: The Last Supper (Tasted Like Shit)
why the fuck was i invited to this bullshit
oh my god i gotta sit and watch these suckers eat
oh wow, jesus bragging about how he can turn water to wine
what a piece of shit if i could do that id be loaded all the time

what the fuck is on the go anyway
i hope they got kfc that would be okay
oh wait are you fucking serious
all i got is bread you fucking pricks
i got invited to this and this is some fucking shit

i take the bread and take a bite out of it
holy fuck this tastes like shit
did someone rub a sweaty asshole on it
you fucking pricks im going to fucking flip
the last supper tasted like shit
i cant believe this i got a facebook invite saying
there'd be pals but all i see is rich conservative pricks
the last supper tasted like shit
how the fuck am i gonna get rid of it

so when no one's looking i throw the bread under the table
(and drink the wine of course)
when judas is not looking i drink his wine as well
hey got up and said "hey jesus is a fucking bitch"

i was like "sorry man i got more beer in the van"
he said "i dont fucking care, i'm gonna fuck jesus up"
i said :"holy shit man, relax, dont you have a family"
the last supper tasted like shit
and the next thing you know judas was having a fit
i wanna go home and get really whacked and forget about this
the last supper tasted like shit
Track Name: Killing Is Fun
killing is fun
especially when you got a gun
especially when you got a knife
especially when you got a scythe
especially when you're from hell
especially when you're the spawn of satan

i slit a person's throat with a knife the other day
it was okay, i've done better jobs before
i slit a person's throat with a knife the other day
it was okay, i've done it plenty of times before

ahhhhh killing is fun
especially when you got a gun
especially when you got a knife
especially when you got a scythe
especially when you're from hell
killing is fun, when you're a demon
killing ahhhhhh
yeah fuck the rest, my name is evil
Track Name: Demons In The Night (In Yr Nightmares) Part 6
i guess i'm staying down in hell, yea
i can finally get some rest
satan had listened to my full discography
and he said he liked a few of my songs

he said pit of cunts "had it's moments"
blowjobs in the forest was "pretty alright"
fuck you god was an "emotional ride"
and hell 2.0 was "fucking tight"

and for the most part he had constructive things to say
he's glad i'm on his record label
and he told me "i have something to say"
that i gotta go back to hell..

i was rather disappointed
i was going to work on some music
but now i won't have the time, that's pretty unfortunate
cause i'm feeling at a creative prime
and now i gotta get the fuck out of hell
Track Name: All is Full of Hate
one time i was chillin and smokin weed
when satan came up to me and said he had to fucking pee
i said "satan why did you come to me"
he said "i don't know let me fucking pee"
i said "no, you gotta tell me why not at the grocery store?"
he said "you and me got a lot of history..anal christ why do you do these things to me? goddammit have you ever had to fucking pee?"
i said "excuse me, satan, but i am a reasonable man"
"i gotta lot of fans that are from hell but that doesn't mean you can push me around, get the hell out of my home before i call my landlord satan you fucking piece of shit"
he said "i will cut your wife's tits off"
i said "do it cause she's a bitch"
i went to the kitchen to make a sandwich
satan looked around and saw my weed
picked it up and smoked some trees
and when i came back he was lyin on the floor
he spilt a milkshake on the floor
next thing you know me and satan were chillin
watching dazed and confused and cuddling and shit
next thing you know he wanted some of my cheetos
and i said "no get the fuck out of my house"
later that day i went to the bathroom
and saw that satan pissed all over the counter
goddamit satan that's the last straw
the next time you're here im gonna break your fucking balls
Track Name: Night of The Seventh Darkness
i'm gonna go kill someone
i am so fucking pissed off
i'm gonna fucking kill your dog
i'm gonna fucking rape you too
i'm gonna fucking slit your throat tonight
i'm gonna fucking kill someone

it's the night of the seventh darkness